Niners, we're here to help

COVID-19 has changed many things on our campus — your classroom is now your living room or bedroom, you are interacting with your friends and professors through a computer screen and we miss cheering on our 49ers at athletic events. But what hasn’t changed is our concern for and commitment to you, the students and alumni of Niner Nation

You are the heart of everything we do at UNC Charlotte, and we want to make navigating these uncertain times a little easier, no matter where you are or how long it has been since you were a student. 

That’s why we created this care portal — to help you easily find information about financial resources, academic support, food and housing programs, health and wellness initiatives, career service networks, as well as other support services available to you. We will continue to update this site. 

During this difficult time, remember the real and meaningful connections you have made at UNC Charlotte. You have a lifelong membership in Niner Nation, and Niners are strong and resilient. You will get through this, and we will be here to help you.



Food & Housing

Support Services



COVID-19 Alumni Resources