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Yes, we will continue to offer face-to-face classroom instruction for many courses this fall. Banner will list these classes as “TR”. We also will have a hybrid approach where students will split time between being in class and engaging with course materials online. This hybrid approach ensures appropriate physical distancing in the classroom. Banner will list these classes as “HY”. They will have a specific meeting time.
Yes, you will also have the option to choose from a selection of thoughtfully designed, fully online courses taught by faculty trained in online instruction. Banner will list online courses either as “IA” for asynchronous with no specific meeting time or “IS” for synchronous with a specific meeting time.
Classrooms will not be at full capacity and desks will be spread out to allow physical distancing. Cloth face coverings that cover the nose and mouth will be required in classrooms and other indoor locations. Students will only be allowed to remove a face covering if explicitly granted permission by the faculty member to do so and while at an appropriate physical distance from others. Faculty will also be expected to wear face coverings even if a classroom layout permits six feet of separation from the first row of seated students. Watch this video on what to expect in classrooms and academic spaces this fall.
Students are encouraged to work directly with their instructors regarding their absences. Faculty members have been encouraged to determine remote learning options that can be assigned as needed for students who need to miss class. They have also been asked to make accommodations explicit in their syllabi this term.
The current guidelines for face coverings from state and system officials require that everyone wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth whenever you are indoors on the University’s campus regardless of whether you are able to maintain 6 feet of space.  The University has tested microphones for use with face coverings and recommend instructors speak at a distance of 10-24 inches from microphone behind the lectern for optimal audio quality.
Yes, colleges and departments will have plans in place for how to handle faculty absences from illness if necessary. Plans vary by college and department, so instructors should communicate any questions to their department chair.
Yes, the format for class delivery options are final. This should not change unless required for reasons of health or safety. These types of situations could include UNC System guidance changes; local/state public health directives; or related developments as a result of the pandemic. If this happens, students will be notified.
We know some people have trouble accessing the Internet at home. UNC Charlotte is one of close to 20,000 eduroam campuses across the US that provides free wifi service. There are 38 sites across the Carolinas alone, including many campuses in the UNC System. Find an eduroam site near you on this interactive map. If you can get a WiFi signal at any of these sites and if your device has already been configured for eduroam, it will automatically connect. Otherwise, simply choose the Eduroam network and log in to eduroam.
UNC Charlotte will continue to evaluate the situation throughout the term, including on campus and in our county, region, and state, to determine if changes to instructional format are warranted.