UNC Charlotte is committed to ensuring that all students can fulfill their academic requirements as planned and to supporting faculty and students in this process. Please review the information in this section closely, and be vigilant about checking your email for more details. 

Student expectations during covid-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are new behavioral expectations for UNC Charlotte students and student organizations. Failure to follow these expectations may constitute a violation of thCode of Student Responsibility. All students should review these behavioral expectations, along with the procedure for reporting and addressing noncompliance with those expectations.

Returning to campus

UNC Charlotte is in a position to plan for a return to full operations in fall 2021. 

Here is what what we are planning and what you can expect: 

  • Face-to-face classes will resume at pre-pandemic levels. 
  • Our residence halls will be at full occupancy. 
  • Employees will return to their offices, and all campus services will be offered in person. 
  • All buildings and facilities will return to regular capacity, including dining and recreational options. 
  • We plan to once again welcome spectators at Charlotte 49ers events, though the exact capacity is still being determined with the state. 

We will continue to closely monitor all local and state data as we move forward with our plans, and we will follow all guidance we receive from health officials and the UNC System to ensure our return is done safely.

Make sure you have a cell phone on file in Banner Self Service, and your family members sign up to receive NinerAlerts and NinerNotices for any campus updates.

If you still have questions that cannot be answered here, please submit this form with your question.

Niner Nation Needs you

Keeping Niner Nation safe and healthy takes every single one of us doing our part, together. Please be mindful to protect yourself, your fellow students and the rest of Niner Nation by following six simple steps — the 6 W’s. 

  • Wash — Your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. 

  • Wear — A face covering any time you are around other people. 

  • Wait — Six feet away from other people at all times.

  • Wipe — Your workstation, equipment and other high-touch surfaces frequently with a sanitizing wipe. Don’t forget your cell phone!

  • Watch — Your health. Stay home if you are sick. Cover your sneezes and cough with your elbow or a tissue.

  • Wave — To greet colleagues and students or consider a pick axe sign.  Avoid handshakes.

Know your Ws